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Big Stuff Interview

by: Serena Ung

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by: Spencer McKee

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Big Stuff Happening in Parker


by: Joan Dameron

Originally published in Parker Lifestyle

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I can describe this ARTIST ON WHEELS with one word, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!?????
I rarely see such dedication, pride and love put in a creation called food! We had the pleasure of meeting chef Brad himself in person, what an awesome guy! He puts so much passion in his art, and the result, OMG, A BOMB of flavors blowing up in your mouth that makes your taste buds dance!!!!
You MUST try the “The Big Stuff Burger” with waffle fries, and the “Colorado Poutine” with carnita…..they are guaranteed to send you on a plane ride out of this world, into Flavor Town!
Being that me and my wife (she’s also a chef) are foodies/critics, we eat only at highly recommend restaurants, and since it is a hobby, we have been to hundreds of highly recommended restaurants, and because of that we hardly ever find A BEST EVER, and have never had TWO BESTS in one place until now. These artists just introduced us to TWO best evers!
While the burgers were AMMMAZING, they were up there with a few other GREATS, but the Green Chilli these artists make was THE BEST WE’VE EVER HAD! OMG, it was amazing! The second best ever may come as a surprise to many people, because we always overlook this item, THE RANCH DRESSING! You could tell it started it’s life as a ranch dressing, as it still had the ranch dressing DNA, but what they made it into is now THE BEST I’ve ever tasted!
I know it sounds silly, but hey, ranch dressing is still a food, and someone makes it! In this case, they did, and the result, ??????
The best compliment I can give them, we are now regulars, and will be back for years…
Thank you chefs for the delicious Grubb, keep creating the tasty art….?

Kevin Ryan

Fantastic good. Glad to have come across them.

Arnold Cantu

This is the best food truck I’ve ever eaten at, the food is to die for! The danger mouse grilled cheese and colorado poutine are incredible! Definitely try them if you have the opportunity!

Gabrielle Talbot

So good. Regular at Lone Tree Brewery. Recommend the Diablo grilled cheese, sweet potato fries and all come with green chili on the side.

Sheila Lind