Big Stuff Menu

Big Stuff!!

Entrees: aka Stuff to Stuff Ya
The Big Stuff Burger
1/2 lb of our Signature BCB Blend served “Juicy Lucy Style” with Chipotle Cheddar stuffed INSIDE the patty with more Cheese, Grilled Onions, Chipotle Lime Crema, Arugula, Shredded Lettuce and Tomato, topped off with two strips of pork belly on a Brioche Bun served over Crispy Waffle Fries… it Truly is The BIG STUFF!!
Gourmet burger and seasoned fries on checkered paper.
Cheesy patty melt sandwich with waffle fries.

The Big Stuff Patty Melt

1/4 lb BCB + 1/4 lb Green Chili Braised Pork Belly + Chipotle Cheddar Cheese + Mozzarella + Cheddar + Grilled Onions on Toasted Sourdough Served over Crispy Waffle Fries with a side of Salvadoran Slaw

BCB Burger 1/4 LB single or 1/2 LB Double

Buffalo, Chorizo, and Beef patty, topped with Cheddar Cheese and Chipotle Crema, Grilled Onion, Baby Arugula, Lettuce and Tomato
Gourmet bison, chorizo, beef burger with fresh toppings.
Vietnamese-style sandwich, Colorado Banh Mi, in basket.

Colorado Bahn Mi

Green chili Braised Pork Belly + Slow Roasted Pork Carnitas + Charred Jalapeño Avocado Aioli + Sweet and Spicy Pickled Slaw + Baby Arugula and Fresh Cilantro in a big ol’ Hoagie

Danger Mouse (Veggie)

Chipotle Cheddar Grilled Cheese served over crispy Waffle Fries and a dipper of vegan Green Chili
Grilled cheese sandwich with chipotle cheddar and fries.
Gourmet Colorado Poutine with arugula on checkered paper.

Colorado Poutine (Featured on Food Network)

Crispy Waffle Fries Topped with Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Smothered in Vegan Green Chili and Chipotle Lime Crema (This is a veggie dish unless you add Pork Belly which we, of course, highly recommend!)

GF Options

Turn any burger or entree into a “Frickin Meat Salad”!

Lil’ Stuff

Savory Bites

Lil’ Stuff Sliders

Lil’ All Beef Sliders with Grilled Onions and Cheddar Cheese on a Brioche Bun

Cheese slider on white plate.

Fried Mac and Cheese

Hand Made Mac and Cheese Breaded and fried to perfection and served with choice of Dipper

Funky Chickens

Crunchy Fried Chicken Breast Strips Served with Waffle Fries and Choice of Dipper

Basket of Crispy Waffle Fries

Basket of Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy fried macaroni and cheese balls with dipping sauce.

Kids!! Stuff

Served with Crispy Waffle Fries

Grilled Cheese

Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheeses melted between 2 slices of Toasted Sourdough

Kids Slider

Lil’ All Beef Slider with melted Cheddar Cheese on a Brioche Bun

Cheese Quesadilla

12.5” flour tortilla stuffed with melted cheese

Juicy slider with seasoned waffle fries

The Sweet Stuff

The Treat may change but the Idea stays the same

The Legendary Frittah (Featured on Food Network)

Doughnut Holes (Fritters) Tossed in Sugar suffed with a Cream Cheese Icing (Flavor changes depending on the Chef’s Mood and availability of ingredients)

Fried seafood balls with creamy topping and lemon slice.


Stuff to dunk stuff in

Chef Brad’s Dippers

-Chipotle Lime Crema -Charred Jalapeno Avocado Aoli -VeganGreen Chili -Buttermilk Garlic Ranch -Serrano Orange (this is a HOT one) – Honey Garlic Habanero (so HOT it might make you cry)

Assorted sauces on checkered background for food seasoning.

Regular Dippin’ Stuff

-Ketchup -Yellow Mustard -Mayonnaise -BBQ Sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s) -Buffalo Sauce (Frank’s Red Hot)

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness