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Catering, Food Truck Events, or…um… other. The Big Stuff Food Truck Team is there to serve your wildest Colorado Comfort Food desires! After winning Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race – Holiday Hustle” (Season 11) The team of Brad, Eddy and Mike have struck out on their own, procuring their first State-of-the-Art Food Truck courtesy of After spending months procuring the licensing, insurance, business capital, and most importantly, the FOOD TRUCK, we’re on a brew tour until spring! Check out our schedule to see where we’ll be next! (Special Thanks To Tyler Florence, Critical Content, Food Network and the amazing production staff, but they do not endorse our current venture in any way and retain no liability.)

Fried ice cream balls with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
Cheesy grilled sandwich with fries and coleslaw.

What is Colorado Comfort Food?

Colorado Comfort Food draws heavily from the flavors of the Southwest. Think about pulled pork, green chili made with local Chilis, Adobo Spiced Hot Chocolate. It uses Colorado Beef, Bison and Lamb. It sticks to you without being too heavy. It presents flavors that are only available in our little corner of the globe and are sought after worldwide! Then, we usually take those flavors and stuff them into other stuff so you can stuff them in your face! Tacos, Burritos, Dumplings, Stuffed Sandwiches, Bread Bowls etc… We operate in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder and out East to Limon. Even further depending on the event. Our truck is strong enough to serve the Foothills Mountains and Ski Areas. Book us and you won’t be sorry! Check out our menu, click here.

The Team!!

Brad, Eddy and Mike, two private chefs and a marketing wiz, make up this amazing team. Chef Brad himself has coined the phrase Colorado Comfort Food, and he means to show you how global cuisine with a Colorado Flair is some of the most mouth watering and unique items that you’ve ever tasted, and we know you’ll want more! This is the place to view their adventure in and out of Colorado! Check out some pics and videos from our epic New England adventure through New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island. Our Flagship Food Truck: Big Stuff! now slinging hash thanks to Mile High Custom Food Trucks in Denver. Check out our schedule, click here

Man standing by red and blue food truck.

Season 11 Winners!

1st Place Winners of The Great Food Truck Race Season 11

Every season, between six and nine food truck teams compete in a race where they must cook, sell, and adapt to different challenges in the hopes of winning $50,000 (and in some cases, their very own food truck).

In season 11 (2019) five truck teams competed over the course of a weekend to make food, sell food and compete in various challenges. After four weeks the only team left standing was yours truly!

The Great Food Truck Race show poster

Big Stuff

Brad Brutlag and Eddy Cumming are professional chefs who work on private yachts for very picky and wealthy clients. They have dominated the seas with their creative cuisine and are now ready to conquer dry land with their stuffed menu. Joined by their marketing whiz friend Mike O’Neill, this team is used to working in tight quarters and delivering delicious food.

Nothing from July 14, 2024 to August 14, 2024.

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